Md Ibrahim Hossen Profile’s, biography, Studies, family, and more

Md Ibrahim Hossen is a Bangladeshi blogger and Digital Marketer. He started blogging in 2017 to the present. The first time, Ibrahim Hossen started in web design and Development into studying Diploma Engineering. He worked on content writing for more clients. In truth, he has been following Islamic law since childhood. 

His age and height

He was born on 5th June 1996. According to this birth date, his current age is 26 years old. His height is 5 feet 3 inches or 1.60m. 

His education & career

The first time, he started primary education at their village school. At the age of 9, he studied in Kawmia, Hafizia Madrasha in Subarnashara, Belkuchi, Sirajgonj. He completed Quran-e-Hafez successfully in 4 years. At 14 years old, he was admitted into Class-9 in Alia Madrasha, Tamai, Belkuchi. 

After completing SSC (Secondary School Certificate) in 2012 with a good result, he got changed to read the Diploma Engineering in Tangail Polytechnic Institute. The department of Diploma Engineering was in the Telecommunication Technology. 

While studying for his diploma, he obtained ‍another two training certificates. The first one is Computer Application in 6 months from TTC (Technical Training Center), Tangail, and 2nd Web Design and Development from RR Foundation, Dhaka. 

After completing Diploma Engineering in Government Polytechnic in 2016, he joined to work in a Telecom Company GPI Asiatel. In September 2018, he joined to work in a Multinational Company in Hazari Group as an IT executive. After one year permanently, he quit his job and worked full time in Digital Marketing and Content Writing. In 2018, he started BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the Canadian University of Bangladesh. Not yet completed, his BSc engineering but, study and business are continuously running. 

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